ZANNI-GROUP is active worldwide since 1994.

Over the decades, the GROUP has acquired a wide range of technical KNOW-HOW which is incorporated into the development of modern combustion plants.

We are all confronted with climate changeenvironmental damage and disease.

In order to be able to offer solutions to the environmental problems, we must consider all biological and technical possibilities.

This includes as well the use of modern waste incineration plants to limit the greenhouse gases caused by the rotting of waste.

Our systems and environmental solutions can be an important part of against environmental damage and the greenhouse gas methane.

Our business areas IncinerationConsulting & Environment and Gas & Water complement each other and enable us to find holistic solutions.

This enables us to offer excellent products that meet your and our expectations of high quality.

Our employees and freelancers have all the necessary skills and qualifications in their respective business areas.

Our quality principles and our business philosophy ensure sustainable added value for our customers.

Our client portfolio ranges from international companies to governmental organizations.

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New information about our combustion plants.

We have improved the quality of our technical offers by making the following documents available for inspection and download as PDF files.

Everything you need for your project planning is thus at your disposal.

Wir haben die Qualitaet unserer technischen Angebote verbessert, indem wir Ihnen die folgenden Dokumente zur Einsicht und zum Herunterladen als PDF-Dateien zur Verfuegung stellen.

Damit steht Ihnen alles, was Sie für Ihre Projektierung benoetigen, zur Verfuegung.

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Why do we need modern waste incineration plants?

The answer is quite simple.

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The demand for small and medium-sized plants is high, but unfortunately often no financial leeway is available.

We have a solution for your plans.
Just do it!

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Our combustion grate system can be a solution for existing plants that are prone to failure.

Improve the reliability, performance and environmental friendliness of your plant!

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Inferior alternative fuels, slaglike substances and sewage sludge that previously had to be landfilled can now be incinerated with our new grate system with significantly higher efficiency.

How is this possible?
Quiet simple, but clever.

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Summary of the download links  sewage sludge incineration grate 

Zusammenfassung der Download Links Klärschlamm Verbrennungsrost

When it comes to climate change, people mainly talk about CO2 and often forget the much more harmful methane.

What can we do as just only to talk?
Starting somehow to do something.

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